Teresa Kowalski grew up in a Midwest family of nine children with various creative enthusiasms. She realized her passion for expression through art in high school. During her tour of Europe in the early 70’s, Teresa was mesmerized by the beauty and fluidity of the glass she saw being produced in the factories of Germany.
Through experimentation, fabrication and collaboration, she developed her relationship with glass. She credits her tutors at Pilchuck Glass School and Camp Colton Glass Program with invaluable lessons in technique.
Her work reflects the dynamic play of color, tone and nature of the Northwest where she has resided for 40 years. Her passion and vision inspire her students to uncover their spirit and artistry in classes at her studio and Sitka Art Center.
She finds that the properties of transparency, refraction, and magnification set glass apart from other art mediums. The optics of glass can bring the illusion of movement and life to a sculpture. When the alchemy of intense heat is added, the fluid nature of fused glass holds a fascination that no other medium can satisfy.
Teresa’s current work flows from realistic representations of nature to abstract interpretations of the essence and palette of her environment.

“I don’t try to pre-think a piece. Leaving it to the unconscious, ideas and designs can come from the intuitive, subconscious level. Designs can express that which lies under the surface. I’m searching for what remains after self is forgotten. Something that comes from deep within yourself brings resonance with others.”